Yesterday I talked about delegation, and how I need to do more of it in order to grow my staff so they can move into more senior roles. I’ve been thinking about what else I can delegate because it has to be manageable for them, something they will learn from, and something it’s okay to hand over. Not as simple as it sounds…

Every 6 weeks I write a report to Council outlining what we’ve been doing and provide stats on issues, door count, online activity, membership etc. One of my manager writes a particularly good report, so maybe I hand this over so she learns to write to a new audience?

I’ve already got one staff member learning how to do the consolidated monthly financial reporting, but this isn’t something I can just hand over responsibility for.

We have a monthly meeting; I chair it and the same person minutes it each time. Perhaps I could move the minuting around so everyone learns to do it, and have someone else chair it every second month?

I can see this is going to take some figuring out, but will be worth it. Often we don’t delegate because we can do things quicker ourselves, so I’ll have to keep the end game firmly in mind.