This is not the first time I’ve done #BlogJune, where people try to blog every day. Of course I’m off to a great start because it’s already the 3rd of June and this is my first post. Why am I doing it?

Writing is good for me, and getting into a habit of writing regularly is even better. As a thorough introvert, I need to think through what I am going to say before speaking. On the other hand, extroverts tend to speak in order to clarify what they are thinking. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts and understand what’s in my head; it helps me think through complex work issues and plan ahead, especially as Long Term Plan time omes around.

Why do I stop writing? I’m not sure to be honest, probably just lack of a good routine and more than a hint of laziness. So #BlogJune 2017 is my annual attempt to reinvigorate my writing habit. Wish me luck!