Tonight I was fortunate to attend a ZOOM meeting for the Kotuku cohort where Kim Tairi talked about creativity, amongst other things. We got a glimpse of her office, which is quite individual and obviously really inspirational for Kim.

I’ve just been reading Work simply: embracing the power of your personal productivity style by Carson Tate. According to the book I’m a “prioritizer” and  a lot of what they said makes sense. I like to keep a very clear desk, with the one thing I am working on in front of me. Everything else is put away or out of sight, otherwise I squirrel brain and jump from task to task.

Tate talked about prioritizers needing a calm office with very little visual distraction. I’m an artist, so that didn’t entirely sit right with me, but I decided to pare things back a bit and removed a lot of the visual clutter. And you know what, it works! My office feels even better than it did before, and I feel centred.

I have three artworks on the walls, a couple of my own paintings on a bookcase,  a stone hippo Mum gave me, and a pinboard with bits and pieces. Most of this is not in my direct line of sight, so not distracting to me – I choose to look at it. As always, I have a poster with some reminders from the Tao te Ching above my desk so they are in easy line of sight.

If you can, making your space your own – making it work for you – is so worthwhile. I’m pleased I put some more thought into it after reading about my possible preferences.