Today I watched one of my staff cringe a bit. She was talking to a cute kid about Sir Edmund Hillary  – homework I suspect – and they asked her where Everest is. (cringe … I’m hopeless at geography too!). I asked if they have a world map on the wall so they can find stuff together? Nope. I’ve emailed the branch manager and they’re going to get one, or maybe a globe.

In the libraries I’ve managed we usually had a world map on the wall to find stuff together, look at where people come from or have travelled to, and so on. It’s a small thing, but so helpful.

I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed the lack of one before. Sure I fix the big things, but I need to keep an eye on the small stuff too – often it’s those smaller details that have a positive impact for our customers.

The map shown here is from worldmapsonline – isn’t it awesome!