By the end of the week in my libraries I’m tired, especially while my health is not that great. Come the weekend do I collapse into a chair with a good book and snooze in the sun? No way. I feel the need to be doing something – art and craft, cooking for the coming week, writing letters, blogging. All enjoyable, but so would chilling out be.

Tony tends to ask what I’m doing over the weekend and I always feel the need to say something constructive, even though he’s just being interested. He’s retired and often rests during the week – especially as he’s some serious health issues – he certainly wouldn’t judge me for it.

Yet there’s something in me that resents precious weekend time being “wasted”, even though I know resting my body isn’t a waste. A friend called themselves an active relaxer recently, and that may be it, or it might be my Protestant background! What’s your perfect weekend? Excuse me, I need to clean the bathroom, put the washing on, and start some crafting…