I try to give my staff feedback – thanks for doing this cool thing, I appreciate you giving me a hand, that poster was awesome thank you. The feedback tends to be about an action, a concrete thing they have done. At STDC we’re big on values –  they’re one of our prime drivers, and we take team fit seriously.

I was reading “The 80/20 manager” by Richard Koch this morning, especially the chapter about the Mentoring Manager. This afternoon I had a meeting with one of my staff about something she cares deeply about. She was wanting help to make a decision and I was asking difficult questions to tease out the answers. We got through it easily, and made sensible decisions.

I was thinking after the meeting that it’s good we can talk about hard or complex things and neither feels the need to win; we’re just looking for the best outcome. My mind went back to what I’d been reading and I thought “you know, she can’t read my mind” so I emailed her that feedback. Quick and easy, and acknowledges that I value the relationship. Now to make that a habit…