No, not the shiny diamond kind – although I did lose a tiny diamond out of my eternity ring today…

Paul Hagon suggested we all answer four questions today about the tools we use to get our jobs done – based on a site run by Daniel Bogan. I thought it sounded like a fun idea, so here’s my take, based on my office at work in Hawera LibraryPlus, not my home office which is also my art workroom.

  1. Who are you, and what do you do? My name’s Cath Sheard and I’m the Libraries and Cultural Services Manager at South Taranaki District Libraries. I manage seven libraries, a museum and the arts position. I’ve been with Council 24 years this November.
  2. What hardware do you use? I have an HP SurfacePro and most of the time I use it with a lovely big screen so my myopic vision isn’t tested to the limit.
  3. And what software? Microsoft Office everything, and Koha as our library management software.
  4. What would be your dream setup? Similar to what I have now in many ways but “nicer”. Large desk where I can keep everything out of line of sight except for what I’m working on. Matching furniture with a large comfy 8 hour plus chair. Pinboard on the wall for things that inspire me. Great temperature control. Calm, open space and a nice view out the window, but behind me so I have to chose to look at it.

The photo is an office at Innocean Worldwide Office Design.