Twice a year my manager goes around all her various teams and provides them with homemade afternoon tea. It’s a good chance for her to get a feel for what’s happening and just have a casual chat. Her visits include my seven libraries and museum so she always invites me to travel round with her.

Today she was going to Patea LibraryPlus, Waverley LibraryPlus and the Museum; I declined the invite because I’d been to two of those sites last week and I “had things to do”.

What nonsense! The chance to spend just over an hour in the car with your manager doesn’t come along that often and it’s a wonderful opportunity to talk in a less formal setting. I rang her EA and asked to be picked up after all. We had a good chat and I enjoyed visiting some of my staff with her.

Did the world fall apart? Did I come back after 3 hours to a zillion emails? Did the work pile up so high it slid off the edges of my desk? Nope… It’s so easy to get your priorities muddled – people should always come first!