I’ve had a couple of sales reps come to see me recently to talk about RFID, self-issue and all that cool stuff in preparation for our new building in 2019/20. They tend to talk about the technology (yes, that’s their job) but as though it’s an end in itself. It’s not…

The purpose of new technology should be to benefit our customers. Customers – not staff. Sure we need to prevent back strains, wrist injuries and all those repetitive type injuries – but that’s about processes really, not technology per se.

If I’m going to get excited about some whizz bang new thing, it’ll be because I can see how our customers will benefit. There might be a direct benefit, or it might be because we free up staff time to spend with customers. Don’t expect me to be excited about the technology itself. I love shiny new things, but I want a people-centric purpose thanks!