There’s been a heap of awesome stuff happening in our libraries and museum in the last couple of weeks. There’s also been a couple of things happen that have frustrated me. Out of respect for my hardworking staff, who really are awesome, I won’t go into detail. We all make mistakes and these weren’t big things, just – aggravating – I guess.

When I did my leadership training years ago we were told (fairly sure it was Jim Collins of “Good to great” fame but paraphrase ahead) – when things go well a good manager looks out the window. When things go wrong, the first place a good manager looks is in the mirror.

Ouch! If I look in the mirror what will I learn? A manager who trusts their staff to get on with it and allows as much freedom as possible. But also a manager who took their eye off the ball on a couple of things. Delegating is not dumping …