#open17 LIANZA conference starts this time next week, and some of us are working Saturday too. It’s an exciting time; preparing to meet with colleagues, be inspired, hopefully inspire others, and all that good stuff.

But you know what? For someone as strongly introverted as me it’s also bloody hard work. Sleepless nights level hard work to be honest.  Why do I do it? Because it matters to me, and to my career.

How do I cope as an introvert?

  • I don’t book out every waking second.
  • I allow myself down time.
  • I slide quietly away from the crowd if I’m getting overwhelmed.
  • I remind myself this is temporary.
  • I sit apart sometimes to just listen and watch.
  • I make sure I sleep, even if that means a sleeping tablet.
  • I take a couple of days leave post-conference to recover.

If you are an introvert like me, I encourage you to get involved at conference and really make the most of it – but also look after yourself. If you need some down time, we can sit quietly in a corner and ignore each other 😉

lianza conf