What will 2018 hold for us at the South Taranaki Libraries? We’re getting a new CE on the 15th of January, so some change is inevitable. That’s ok – we live in a world that’s always changing. What will matter is how we respond to the changes, and challenges.

We’re moving our LMS, Koha, to the Cloud with Catalyst and that’s really exciting, and a huge step forward. Bring it on!

We’ll be looking at the programmes we offer, thinking about why we do them, and what we achieve. Otherwise we’re at risk of that most librarian of problems – starting more and more things but never stopping anything…

I’ve been reading a bit lately, via Twitter, from people saying as a profession we’re “failing, doing bad things, being bad librarians” if our services aren’t designed by our customers etc. I understand (some of) what they’re saying but I also think it’s a case of the pendulum swinging too far.

There’s no doubt the world is deeply troubled at the moment, but adding to the negativity doesn’t help. Nor does the constant lamenting that libraries need saving or libraries need to change – we are changing, always have, always will. The people most likely to talk about the death of libraries is the librarians … stop it!

Here in South Taranaki our libraries are busy and vibrant, packed with people doing all kinds of stuff and learning all kinds of things. We have increasing numbers of kids doing the summer reading programme – with way more boys as a percentage than in most areas. Is it all customer designed? No. Is it working? Yes!

What do I hope for in 2018, for myself & my staff and for our users? More of the same. Here’s to a bright, happy, safe and totally magic 2018. Let’s keep rocking!