This is a test run, to see if recording journal entries this way might work.

Date: June 2015

Activity description: I investigated Kete, as an independent library review had recommended it in 2012. I spoke with existing users, including Puke Ariki, about their staffs experience with it. 

Reflective learning comment: Although I like the idea of preserving local knowledge, I’ve realised most libraries end up doing this work instead of the public adding to the repository. We simply don’t have time to do this, and I’ve decided not to pursue this any further.

Domain: Doing (Professional Practice)

BoK: Cluster 4: Understanding information and communication technologies (BOK 7)

Date: May 2016

Activity description: At the same training session we considered our stack policy. We took a range of books and discussed if we would stack them, and why. We talked about our role in keeping potentially important titles if National Library are no longer filling this role.

Reflective learning comment: I’ve learnt it’s more important to my team to meet current customer needs than try to preserve the ‘last of the last’. We’re going to trust National Library to do the right thing and preserve our literary heritage. It’s hard to let go though.

Domain: Knowing (Professional knowledge)

BoK: Cluster 3: Understanding information resource and knowledge management (BOK’s 5 & 8)