Date: 2016

Activity description: Participated in a 360 degree survey where 12 direct reports, peers & my manager were asked about my leadership qualities.

Reflective learning comment: A consistent theme was that staff appreciated the fact I’d dealt with some historical staffing issues, and am honest with them. This highlighted for me the fact that staff want poor performance handled and I need to keep on top of things.

Domain: Leading (Professional Leadership)

BoK: Cluster 5: Understanding management in information organisations (BOK’s 6, 9 & 10)

Date: 2017

Activity description: We’re building a new library/community hub in next two years and have started meeting with the architects to discuss high level requirements. They asked me recently what my technology dreams are.

Reflective learning comment: I realised I’ve let my knowledge slip in this area, and couldn’t articulate what we want clearly enough. As a result, I’ve joined a couple of listservs so I can get a fuller understanding of what’s happening in ICT.

Domain: Sharing (Professional Communication)

BoK: Cluster 4: Understanding information and communication technologies (BOK 7)